kerfuffle (kerfuffle) wrote,

If it makes you happy, it can\\\'t be that bad

Twelve days. Oh my God. I'm so spazzing out now. Twelve days!!!

I can do this. *takes a deep breath* Oh, and I almost asked Mom to get the bus tickets for me to go to KL. But first, I need to know when to go, and I need to know where I will stay. All that kind of stuff.

I don't think it hurts to be prepared now that I don't have to my own place to stay while I'm in KL anymore. And no cash to spend on luxuries such as hotels.

But on a happier note, I seem to have at least one place to stay at at the end of the year. :D So maybe I can stick around in KL for some time then? Who knows.


Take care of family. Make them happy.
For some reason, that simple message just sounds so heartbreakingly sad.
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