kerfuffle (kerfuffle) wrote,

When reality and fantasy merged

The headache ended up as a fever. And it lasted for more than 12 hours, where in each and every moment I feel totally and completely miserable. *sigh* I didn't dare to tell my parents that I had a fever because they'd freak and drag me to the doctor's. They are convinced that fever is my "weak spot" when it comes to health. Meh.

While sick and drifting in and out of sleep, I had some pretty screwed up dreams too, one part of it where I died and yet I (my conscience/soul/spirit/whatever) was still trapped in my room and I could see all the things that was happening in my house. Weird because I don't even believe in souls and spirits or earthbound ghosts. Another part of it was about me obsessing over a guy. Um... right.

The rest of the day went by pretty slowly. Brother #2 went back to India today. :\ Goodbye Brother #2, goodbye phone! *sob*

On other news, I need to spend some time cleaning up my room soon. Dad has been nagging me about it everyday. And besides, I need to find something that I "lost". Gah. :(
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