kerfuffle (kerfuffle) wrote,

Did you ever think I needed you here with me?

Sometimes when you're mourning over a lost friendship, there is a great possibility that the other person is doing the same.

And sometimes you just have to be the one to take the first step to say, "Hi."


There is completely no reason for my family to go to Kuantan anymore. The gift shop is dead. Closed. Gone. All because the stupid administration of the mall decided that they wanted Ocean Pacific at the spot our shop was located at.

I feel sad. :\ After all, it is one of my and Brother #1's brainchild. I remember how fun it was when we planned it all out. I was... what, 15 years old?

I guess we didn't plan the ending and now I feel all numb.

Today's dinner was so cute. Mom relived her younger days... more specifically how Dad started courting her. Hehe. Unlike most people, I never actually knew much about my parents' lovelife before they got married. I never asked because I feel that it is personal.

Mom was a dancing queen! Literally, hehe, and I quote from Abba's hit, "dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen". And she was seventeen then, and it was when she was dancing at a party that Dad decided to court her. I find it all too coincidental not to make that comparison. ;)

They'll be celebrating their 25th (that's Silver, right?) wedding anniversary in November this year. ^_^ Mom didn't even realise she had been married for so long until I mentioned it.

Hehe. Maybe I should give Dad a little nudge... >:)
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