kerfuffle (kerfuffle) wrote,

Getting talented at this

Tired. Didn't even have dinner. I was too sleepy to have any "dinner"...

I lost one of my silver star earstuds today, the ones that came with the piercings (or the ones that the piercings came with... whichever way). I woke up and found the one on the right ear gone. *sigh* I panicked, took the one off my left ear and tried to stab a whole through my right ear again. It hurrrrrt.

One thing I hate about newly-pierced ears are the tendency for the holes to close up again at minimum time. -_-

Went to Kuantan, got some really cheap earstuds, and replaced my old ones. :\

I woke up today morning feeling like I've been steamrolled over. All of my limbs hurt like hell, and my muscles felt like they've turned to Jell-O. Only that Jell-O doesn't hurt as much. And once again my head hurt, just like yesterday morning. I keep waking up in the mornings with headaches. *sigh* I guess that's part of the reason why I purposely fuck up my sleeping routine... I never get headaches when I reverse my sleeping habits and become vampiric. Why? Is it a psychological thing?

More work. Less work compared to yesterday, yes, but still very tiring. Dismembered a lot of furnitures, carried a lot of glass panes, toted the power drill some more. I think I freaked out some of the other girls there with the ease I do such "rough" work... they think it looks cool, they try it out, have trouble with it, and I demonstrated it for them. And they still don't know how I do it.

I guess it's just because I grew up in a household full of guys and a family that try hard to save up cash in every way possible (and now our tertiary education is eating up the saved funds pretty fast) that we assembled or make our own furniture. We also became our own plumber, electrician, technician, etc.

Anyway, I didn't realise that it was that difficult to remove a frickin' carpet that's glued to the floor. Now all I want to do is sleep.

Oops. I just lost another earstud.

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