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I didn\\\'t know fainting could be like that

Hrms. In comparison to what I was when I just came back from college to now, I've lost 1kg. Weird. I thought I would gain from all the good ol' homecooked food, but at the rate things are going, that's unlikely. Brother #2 apparently ate my share of lunch today because I was a little late at getting to it. :(

So mainly I've been living off a liquid-only diet for breakfast and lunch. Usually a mug of cocoa in the morning, and perhaps another in the afternoon. Or Coke. And lately I've been skipping dinner a lot because I'm too tired by the time dinnertime rolls around to do anything other than shutting down my brain.

Bleah. Remind me that drinking Coke on an empty stomach is a bad, bad, bad idea. :(

And guess what? I'm drinking Diet Coke. Ick. I swore that I'd never touch these things ever again, but I don't have much of a choice when everything in my house is now "Diet". If you didn't know yet, my family (more precisely Dad, but you know, these stuff is hereditory) has a history of diabetes, so that's an attempt to lower the overall blood sugar level. It's also so that Dad doesn't get it into his mind to buy any other carbonated drinks... he has a sweet tooth.

I hate Diet Coke. Ughy. Now I can't get rid of the aftertaste already.

While you're reminding me about not to drink Diet Coke ever again, you might as well remind me never to slam my thumb between two very hard, very solid objects because it hurts like hell! I was helping out in the kitchen when I accidentally did that... the thumb didn't really hurt very much and it wasn't the worst injury I've ever gotten, but moments later my vision started having white spots that grew bigger and bigger, even as the pain in my thumb subsided.

Soon things were fading in and out, in and out. I sat down and stoned. Pressure built up in the ears and shut out the voices of Brother #2 and Mom.

"I feel like my pupils are dilating and everything is turning white," I found myself saying, sounding terribly far away for someone who is supposed to be... well, you know, me.

"Wow. That fast?" Brother #2 said, his voice about a million miles away too.

I was so angry then. I was panicking about losing my sight entirely, and going partially deaf, and there he was cracking jokes like it was nothing big. The white spots were obscuring almost everything by now. Worse than that, they were throbbing... swelling and shrinking, swelling and shrinking, and yet perpertually blanking out a large percentage of my vision. I felt like a whole tube of living radioactive liquid paper/blanko just got spilt into my world.

When dinner was served and everyone sat down, I stood up and excused myself.

"Aren't you eating?" Dad asked. I had skipped dinner a lot lately, and I guess he was wondering what's wrong with me.

"She's going to faint," Mom and Brother #2 said in unison.

In all the whiteness I managed to find my way back to the staircase, crawled my way up on all fours because I was so afraid of falling down and hurting myself due to my partially temporary blindness. I got into my room and plopped down on the bed. Closed my eyes until I felt the pressure in my ears ebbing.

When I opened my eyes again, the whiteness was fading away.

Fifteen minutes later, I went to the dinner table and had my dinner. During when Brother #2 told me that he is kidnapping me to Kuantan tomorrow to help him move the stuff out of the gift shop there... in case you don't know yet, we're shutting down that place. The bitch of a landlord wants it back. *sigh* So now we have to move everything back, repaint that place, and all that.

On another note, lots of trips coming up! Hehe. I'm going to Genting Highlands and KL this Friday, and probably heading to Singapore on either Tuesday or Wednesday next week. ^_^ I can't wait! I'll be travelling and seeing new sights and stuff like that. And that means I might just be able to do my 26 Things photolog. Heh. :)

Yes, I am tired of being cooped up in the house. Partially my fault too since I never want to go out of the house, but I have the tendency to do that when I'm in Kemaman. The town just suffocates me. :(

I wish I'm back in college.
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