kerfuffle (kerfuffle) wrote,

My sister is a cat

I spent a lot of time working on a project and hacking a PHP script (without manuals), and I'm thoroughly happy with the result. Considering that I don't know the first thing about PHP, it was a great achievement.

I'm whacked. I may update you on that "project" later, when I launch it. Someday. Soon, I hope.

Mi hermana es una gata.

There you go. The Spanish lesson for today, brought to you by Brother #3 (he's been trying to put the proper words in place for the past few days, though he kept thinking it was "mis hermana es gato"). He thinks I act like a cat, yawn like a cat, stretch like a cat, and scratch like a cat.

Go figure.

It'll Only Happen Here #2: At 4:00pm, my father asked me, "Aren't you going to sleep?"
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